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Print Licenses


Sheet music sales have diminished, many songs are still available in print form. These include books of songs by specific artists, instruction books or compilations of hits and given genre (i.e. "Motown Classics - for Keyboard"). The music publisher issues print licenses and collects the income from the sheet music company, while the songwriter receives a small royalty derived from the sale of his or her song in print form.


Administration and Registration of Copyrights


Music publishers generate money by licensing copyrighted performances, they must also perform various administrative tasks involving copyright transfers and the registration of musical copyrights. Registering your copyright provides added protection to copyright holders, and can permit the copyright owner to recover statutory damages and solicitor fees if the copyright is subsequently infringed.


Public Performance Royalties


A copyright owner also has the exclusive right to authorize the "public performance" of that work. This is why radio and television broadcasters must enter into licenses with performance rights organizations such as BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. These performance rights organizations collect income on behalf of songwriters and music publishers whenever a song is publicly broadcast. Publishers also register songs with these performance rights organizations.


"Song Plugging"


This obscure term refers to music bizzers who promote the compositions of others. This may involve convincing popular artists to cover your song, or convincing film companies to use your latest tune in their next feature.


SoundClick (.com) Licensing


All Leasing & Exclusive Rights for an artist's MP3's comes at a price to those seeking to lease or gain exclusive rights of any of our artists music.







You will receive a MP3 file of the beat (or song), untagged (free of sound marks) and/or a copy of the raw WAV file. The song file can be delivered digitally or through the mail on a CD. Exclusive rights grant you unlimited commercial recordings and broadcasts. You have full rights to record, alter, mix the beat/song in any shape, way, or form (except reselling the beat). You will receive a contract in the mail granting you exclusive rights to the beat. You own the recording as a "work made for hire". The original seller may no longer lease or sell the beat/song, except for prior leasing rights holders and his/her own promotional page (no downloads there). The seller will not receive a royalty from the sale of records or downloads. You must however give full credit to the seller (artist and/or producer name) on all commercial recordings.


SPECIAL USES: TV, Movies, Commercials, Websites


Charity organizations: can use song for free, but must give full credit to the artist and or producer.


Student projects for school/college: can use song for free, but must give full credit to artist and or producer.


Commercials, In-house, company publications: for publications with less than 50,000 viewers exclusive rights suffice. Terms are to be discussed for larger publications.


Websites (less than 100,000 monthly hits): leasing rights suffice


Websites (other): must acquire exclusive rights


TV/Movie: terms are to be discussed


Creative Common Licenses


With a Creative Commons license, the artist keeps the copyright, but allows you to copy and distribute the artist's work provided you give the artist credit -- and only on the conditions specified here. These licenses are free, so you don't pay for them.

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