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Sincere's web based FTP Client

User features: navigate the ftp server; upload/download files; zip/unzip files; install software; copy, move and delete; copy or move to a 2nd ftp server; rename and chmod; view code with syntax highlighting; plain text/html/code editor; search for words or phrases; calculate size. Administrator features: safe mode; authorizations; logging; daily limit; large file limit; templates; integration in other php applications.

What is FTP?

You want to build a website, so you start creating web pages on your computer in html format.

Next, you need to publish them: you need to put those pages on a web server so that everyone would be able to view them.

To transfer the files from your computer to that web server, a special protocol (transfer method) is used: FTP - the File Transfer Protocol. This protocol was designed to be able to handle big files; it can for example resume a transfer if it was interrupted in the middle. 

The normal way to connect to our FTP server is to use an FTP Client and to communicate via the FTP protocol. This is however not always possible:

  • you may be behind a corporate firewall at work, which may block the FTP communications.
  • you may be on holiday and connecting to the internet via a CyberCafe, where you may not be allowed to install an FTP client.

When you use Sincere's net2ftp these problems are solved: you connect to our FTP Client @ using any regular web browser, and then our net2ftp client translates your requests and takes care of the FTP communication.

Sincere's net2ftp also provides additional features, on top of the regular FTP features: the possibility to edit code using your web browser, to view the code with syntax highlighting, to upload-and-unzip archives, and to search for words on the FTP server.

For more user help visit the URL below...

Public access point for Sincere's FTP Client:

Further Sincere vendor App assistance can be found at...


Sincere's server is unlimited for storage although either FTP provisions have a daily limit of large limit files. Both FTP's are monitored and moderated by the administrator of Sincere.


Properties of a Sincere web user for connecting to our server over regular FTP must first be applied for by contacting the proprietor of Sincere. Only after doing so will one then be given a username and password.

FTP Hostname: (Copy & paste)

One can only access a directory at and host their own site/s there by being a web user at the site.

E Mail addresses can also be applied for via contacting the proprietor...



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