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E mail Use Policy



Company Name : Sincere


Date Policy is Effective : 17 January 2015



  1. Using personal email

Employees’ own personal online email accounts may only be accessed and used in accordance with the Company’s Internet Usage Policy. Using personal email accounts to send any indecent, obscene, discriminatory or harassing content during Company time or from Company computers will be considered a breach of this policy.

  1. Using Company email for personal reasons

Company email is intended for business use. It should not be used for personal reasons.

The Company recognizes that it may be necessary for employees to give their Company email address as a point of contact for emergencies, or to close relatives, and will not object to the employee receiving personal emails though his Company email account so long as the level of incoming emails is not unreasonable and does not adversely affect the employee’s work.

All personal emails should contain the words of the representatives relevant tagline.

Emails which are marked as personal may be read by management during routine audits. All emails which are not marked as personal may be continually monitored by management to ensure compliance with this policy.

  1. Email security

Any email attachment can carry a virus, and employees should not open attachments from un-trusted external sources.

Email is not a secure method of communication and the sending of confidential information by email should be limited.

Wherever employees need to send personal client information by email, they must attach it to the email as an encrypted attachment, and advise the recipient of the password separately.

  1. Checking emails

Employees should check their email regularly. Certain communications may be time-critical and employees should respond as soon as possible. Forgetting to check email is not an adequate excuse for failing to respond to a message in time.

  1. Disclaimers and signatures

All emails sent through the employee’s Company email account must carry the employee’s signature/sign-off and the Company’s standard email disclaimer.


  1. Maintaining standards in email communications

Employees must maintain professional standards and courtesy in email communications. All emails must be spell checked prior to sending, and employees should proof-read emails for grammatical errors or factual inaccuracies.

Email messages can sometimes appear abrupt, disrespectful or confrontational, even where this is not the intention, and employees should bear this in mind when phrasing their messages.

  1. Misdirected emails

Employees should always review the message recipients prior to sending.

  1. Consequences of breaching this policy

Breaching this email use policy may result in disciplinary action. Any of the activities listed in (2) above may be automatically considered to be gross misconduct for the purpose of disciplinary proceedings.

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