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Meeting the needs of our performing artists and making a difference within the industry.


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"It's the subtle things in life that make BIG things happen!"

In the beginning Sincere was just a creative principle and nothing more than mere dream for the performing artist Mr. Frank Malcolm Kembery and his frankly artistic names.

Frank spent most of the 1990's studying Rap & Hip-Hop avidly whilst working full time to pay the rent for his room and board with his mother. He had a short lived experience in 1994 as the lead vocalist for a four piece live band creating rock and funk influenced rap songs. As of 1996 into 1997 Frank had taken his first steps into independent living and went back to basics. He began mixing up a combined form of lyrical and musical rap and hip-hop full of DJ breaks, samples and live real time instruments. His then rap paced vocalization was rough and ready with some crude attempts at getting ill on the mic.

Although his performances were still relatively unknown in his hometown of Bath, Somerset United Kingdom, it was not until late 1998 when he first contacted the BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood.

In 2003 he purchased his very first home personal computer which he would later use to convert all his analogue performance material and create all his new and current media.

As of 2004 Frank became a PAMRA registered performer with a performance mixtape entitled MCSFUK - DEAD OR ALIVE , which surfaced online in all formats and 3 versions that same year. 

After his application in 2005 to Phonographic Performance Limited he enrolled Sincere for membership. 

The summer of 2007 saw him performing at a live charity fund raising event held in Queen Square, Bath, to celebrate MAD PRIDE DAY (Annual Mental Health Awareness Event). Not only did Frank perform but he also provided the PA System for the very event that day that all the other performers used. As a sufferer of depression himself in the past he was only to happy to help out and join in.

Frank's best year to date for the decade that he has now been online was 2012 which delivered more than 10, 000 hits whilst he was experiencing a stint of homelessness.

2015 was the year of Sincere's launch to the world wide web. 


The independent web label Sincere is operating as a media publishing organisation via registered membership with PPL UK and is to be a member of AIM - the Association of Independent Music. AIM Represent over 900 independent labels and distributors across the UK, giving them a voice and helping them to succeed. Sincere is now a registered sole trader with MCPS and PRS for music publishing. As a registered individual the small business is based in Bath and North East Somerset United Kingdom. A town with a small community of Rap & Hip-Hop collectives working within the area codes of BA1 and BA2 ETC. Somerset also offers Drum & Bass artists, producers and D.J's plus many other genres of very talented underground performers.


Sincere performers and or artists are representatives of the independent recordings and management label. The label has several artists for the audio visual media they have submitted. All reps are in control of their own media creativity, marketing, performances and media rights. They are not permitted to share any percentage of their royalties with the proprietor. Artists are self-employed performers and work when they want to. Sincere is a attitude, a way of life, a self made career and status all of it's own. Our way of living as artists and or reps of Sincere is bohemian and what we make of our own time and energies is up to us.  


Sincere promotes digital music that is both explicit and or decent, so, below is a quote from the proprietors blog at blogspot whereby he tries to explain art in his own words as well as his own. It ties in with Sincere's philosophy and principle with all of our artists, performers, representatives (Volunteers).


"Frankly art is creative skills expressed in audio and visual mediums that can be explicit or decent. Art is either explicitly critical or decently critical & art in either case is known to be explicitly favourable or decently favourable. This is such because art that expresses favourableness in it is actually the opposite to that of critical material. Favourable art would seem to suggest that the artist/s is expressing feelings of love & joy. Whereas critical material would seem to suggest that the artist/s is expressing hate & pain."


Taken from Blogspot blog by Frank Malcolm Kembery

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